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About us

At FeedMyDog, we believe that dogs are not just pets – they’re family. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality information and resources for your furry friend. We understand that each dog has unique needs, and we strive to meet those needs with our carefully curated selection of dog food, treats, and accessories.

Why Trust Us

Our team of experienced dog trainers and dog owners have years of experience working with dogs and are dedicated to providing accurate and up-to-date information on all aspects of dog ownership. We understand the unique bond between dogs and their owners, and our goal is to help strengthen that bond through education and support.


Our team is made up of a group of passionate dog owners, trainers, with years of experience working with dogs. We have a deep understanding of what dogs need to be healthy and happy, and we’re committed to sharing that knowledge with you.


We believe in being transparent with our readers. We only recommend products and services that we believe in and that we would use ourselves. We will always disclose any sponsored content or affiliate relationships, so you can trust that we’re being honest with you. 


We understand the importance of accurate information when it comes to caring for your dog. That’s why we put in the time and effort to research and fact-check all of our content, so you can trust that what you’re reading is up-to-date and reliable.


We’re more than just a website – we’re a community of dog lovers. We’re passionate about connecting with our readers and providing a platform for you to share your experiences and ask questions. We’re always here to support you in your journey as a dog owner.


We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re committed to providing the best possible resources and information to our readers. We put a lot of time and effort into creating high-quality content that is both informative and engaging.

Quality Control

We hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to the quality of our content. We have a rigorous editorial process in place to ensure that every article is thoroughly researched, fact-checked, and reviewed by multiple members of our team before it’s published. We’re constantly striving to improve and refine our content to better serve our readers.

Our team

Sarah Miller

Canine Behaviour Specialist

Sarah Miller is a certified dog trainer with a decade of experience in addressing behavioral issues and conducting obedience training. Her articles empower dog owners to build strong relationships with their furry companions.

Emily Clark

Canine Nutrition Expert

With a Master’s degree in Veterinary Science specializing in Canine Nutrition, Emily Clark is our go-to expert for all things related to dog health and nutrition. Her insights help dog owners make informed dietary choices.

David Alan

Outdoor Canine Enthusiast

David Alan, an outdoors enthusiast and dog sports aficionado, uses his narratives and photography to inspire fellow dog lovers to embark on exciting adventures with their canine companions.

Dogs (and their owners) love us!

Sarah T.

“I stumbled upon FeedMyDog while searching for information on how to train my new puppy. The content on the site is so informative and easy to follow. Thanks to the helpful tips, my pup is now well-behaved and obedient. I can’t recommend FeedMyDog enough”

Michael P.

“As a dog owner, I’m always concerned about the quality of the food I give my dog. FeedMyDog provides a wealth of information on dog food, including reviews and recommendations. I’ve switched to the recommended brand, and my dog loves it! Thank you, FeedMyDog!”

Samantha K.

“As a first-time dog owner, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. FeedMyDog simplified the process for me, providing me with all the information I needed in one place. Their articles on dog care, grooming, and training have been a lifesaver for me and my pup.”

Adam M.

“I love FeedMyDog’s reviews of dog products! Their recommendations are always spot on and have helped me make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing products for my dog. I trust their reviews and always refer back to the site before making any purchase.”

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